From us, to you … a most blessed invitation

child1“So, how are the children?”

If you ask yourself this question, and consider all children and their families (other than your own) in the response you hear, then you have taken the first step toward becoming a child advocate.

The simplest definition of an advocate is “one who speaks, pleads, or argues in favor of … a cause.” At United Voices, children are our only cause. We care about how children are doing — as individual beings, as children of a loving God, as members of our communities.

UVC advocates are engaged on issues related to a host of basic needs, including safe neighborhoods, education and literacy, restorative justice, and food security.

Advocacy is easy when our own children and family members are in need, but becomes more challenging when we seek to engage on behalf of all children. However, if we are willing to answer the call, effective, uplifting change can come about … change that ends up being a courageous expression of our Christian values.

Will you join with us at United Voices for Children in advocating for the children and families that make their homes in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church?

Children need us to take responsibility, unite, and speak with one strong voice on their behalf. Advocacy is using our voices to help someone else. Advocacy is worship of the most blessed kind!

Thanks for listening –

– Lois Moreland-Dean
Board President, United Voices for Children